About U&Me

U&Me Vision

The Vision of the U&Me Initiative is to create a world given by free, powerful and happy people, fully self-expressed in creating the life they want and love.
This kind of fully fulfilled life is given by a new way of listening, a powerful and fully expressed listening which creates connectedness and communication between human beings, at all levels of interactions; personal and communities, business and enterprises, national and international.
Fully expressed listening makes real the expansion
of the human spirit.

U&Me Mission

Fully expressed listening is the kind of powerful listening that enables;
the freedom to hear the un-expected,
the power to make space for the miracles to take form, and
the happiness required to invent new dreams to expand the life we want.
Fully expressed listening is the source of the transformative communication required to;
create leaders, teams and team work to realize these dreams and
make possible the un-possible, the un-dared, and the un-dreamed

U&Me Listening Methodology

How It Works
  1. U&Me Listening Methodology works on developing the ability to listen fully and consciously, beyond our automatic ListenBlocks.
  2. Those ListenBlocks that filters, colours, limits and even totally stops our ability to listen, just Listen.
  3. The ability to identify the ListenBlocks creates a pristine listening that enable us to open the way to “out of the box” actions and “miraculous” results.

U&Me Three Levels of Results Technology

The U&Me Training Programs are based on the U&Me Three Levels of Results technology

The Promised Results

promised goals
The results you promised others and, mainly
The results you promised to YOURSELF

The Dream Results

wishful goals
The results you dream about, in other words
The results you say "I wish I have them, but I have no idea how to make them real"

The Miracle Results

impossible goals
The results you do not even dare to dream of
The results you refer to as "it will take a miracle to have these results"